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HERE WE GO (plays annoying music)(downloads up)

Its star mario + Star luigi
and a hypnotic Luigi
and outlined winged Pit (not much)
and a texture my friend made.

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it simple
now that we have many new options in brawl hacking i have been experimenting

and a few things i have found was

pal’s brawl iso is smaller @ 7.9 gb

pal has small file sizes (it may make creating pit psa’s easier .)

I have discovered the credits (which i am going to edit)
I have discovered the all star+classic mode finish pictures (2 for each character .) (the picture taken at the end of classic)
I have discovered that lovely little song lyrics at the end of the game .
I have dicovered the ending part with all the characters staring ate the big X where the island was .
Heres a few evidence pics

song lyrics


the lovely end pic

you never know i might decide to change them one day

A great idea (using opera)

Why dont we make an operaunite team account?
We could send notes to each other on fridge.
Send music to each other with music player (to test if a brstm will be good or not )
And files to test and comment on with file share.
And pics that you dont want released on photo share.

and we could set them all to private so only we could see them
its great for secret testing of group projects

only 1 problem
safari , internet explorer , and firefox dont have this is its only on opera

and besides just get opera its great
it can connect with opera mini on your phone
has lots of great features like

-opera turbo (speeds up slow connections)
-visulal tabs

and its free (and so is opera mini)
what do you think

wfge7 needs help also vote for anti/evil clone

sorry but how do i add my page to the top of the site (where roster youtube channels etc) are

or better if u can do it anyone

and vote for anti /evil clone

lets brawl texture style

i got new sd cards just need the sd card reader

good thing brawlbox + brawl scape has a lovely preview function

anyway im thinking of remaking the brawl iso with many textures if my own work

most of it will be new textures by me

it will take a while though and ill show updates in a new page entitled

new brawl

i may include suitable textures from epic smash bros GT

so as mario says lets a go

oh noooooooooooooooooo

oh noo bad news

my sd card is broken
and i have to save to get a new one + a new sd card reader
im gonna get me a 4gb sd card and a cheap card reader





its the elment man (whoever says elephant is dead)

w   water wind

f    fire  feirce

g   grass ground

e electic earth

7 seven seiben(german) seacht(gaelic(irish))


so whats up im wfge7 here to give you brawlers a nice looking brawl

im am also going to give pal gamers items as they cant use an ntsc common3.pac

now i have a weird stgheal.pac (allstar healing area) and some target practice pacs to give away (its too easy in target practice so this makes it harder

all u have to do is answer these 6 questions

sgtheal.pac What is my username ?

trgt prctce 1 What country am i from ? (answer in riddle below)

trgt prctec 2 what is my time zone (look at answer above)

trgt prctice 3 roughly what size is the ntsc common3.pac answer to nearest mb

trgt practice 4 same as above but pal

trgt practice 5  where was trick or treat started

free choice  whoever guess the name of my youtube a ccount gets to choose which one is unlocked out of the 6 (can only be used once)

now for the riddle

we are one of the most common race of nation

1/3 of usa presidents was part ????

we have a pub in every country

we are near olympics 2012

we have no king

we fought a gainst the country most countries fought against

what country am i

ps we spell color as colour (proper english by the english)

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