Heres the deal

Ice Kirby agrees with the move and is now the owner of the new blog.

To start off, i have the ENTIRE website on a different URL. Here it is

heres a list of important things to handle.

  • Send invites to all team members
  • When Ice Kirby accepts, transfer ownership of the blog to him
  • edit the authors of the posts (you are probably gonna have to do your own) it shows me as the only author
  • Confirm the existence of specific people
  • Fulfill my promise and make the entire music page like my chart. dang, that’s gonna take hours…

A few other things are that i would like you guys to leave the theme the way it is. it is organized and no other hacking team is currently using it (from my knowledge) and it also looks good. if you guys want to change it, i will pull up a poll. there are also a few other things (Blogroll…) that have to be filled in, but sadly, we have to ditch one thing. the banner. If anyone else has anything to say about this, Edit the bottom of the post as usual or comment.

Just Delete this after a few hours . ^.^

I’m changing my name to B0bbY.(Not my real name, it’s Robert)

I just posted this becousee I didn’t want any confusion around.

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You know, I’m getting a little bored around here, so if you want to chat with me about something(i’ll take any questions) just go to chat, oh and to tell that i’m bored you should see about 0 to 2 comments(anything over 2 will count as me being happy, but if I don’t comment at all, then I could be somewhere, i’m not on the computer, or just looking at videos). also i’m not trying to be mean or anything about this ok. continue reading. ‘if that works.’

Friend Codes anyone? 2

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Which one?

I’m planning on starting a new project, I have two ideas in mind, I would like to know which one people would like more.

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Massive Portrait Update!!

Hey guys,i thought i’d update today so i thought of something something i haven’t done in a while.Portraits!I made a whole pack of them here.Once you extract the archive,you’ll find 2 folders,Bp,and CSP.The BP folder contains random BP’s and a folder containing all the original brres of the bps.The csp folder contains two folders,BB and cupash.BB is Brawl Box,and cupash is…CUpash!!I made more brawl box CSP’s than cupash csp’s,so if you’re a cupash guy then switch over to bb.

*PS:If you’re a bb user and replace marths CSP,then the csp will be blured,so make sure when replaceing the image format is CMPR.


Happy New Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ll be working on my FD Link by editing the motion etc.

Fierce Deity Link!!!!

Something I want to say:
3.ENJOY THE F***ING TEXTURE! (watch your language, younger people come to this site, too…profanity edited by SKLLedOne)


I did it

Good news and I know this is a random post, but I finish playing Bomberman Land(thank goodness), I should be coming up with Ideas from BL for characters on brawl.

I just got a great idea! using a random post that everyone edits, we can post things that dont qualify as a full post and randomly blab about our recent project (hype basically). im at the end of ouendan at the LAST LEVEL OF THE HARDEST DIFFICULTY and i got lugia’s model to boot up in the strap loader.

SKLLedOne:  This random idea just popped into my head one day. Two words: Hero Camo!  Look closely at the shoulder of the Snake texture that was pictured in my most recent post (the zelda one).  Still working out a few bugs, but it’s starting to look really good.


Why dont we make a page full of friend codes for wii games ,ds games ,wiiware and dsiware .

some help

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