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Shadow Animations

From the Assist to sonic, still working on it, added custom Wait1 pose (needs fixing), planing to make a shadow run.

more information soon

You can actually see him!!!

Hey everyone it’s Pinutk! Yea I have been making a lot of updates which is good lol
So here today I bring you something that I wipped up pretty quick because frankly all I had to do was delete a file and made this 😛
It’s Super Sonic with NO GLOW =O
I hated that fucking glow you could never really see Super Sonic in all his glory. Well I fixed that. Glow is now gone and this is when I shall start putting pictures in my textures for better organization.

One pic is all you need 😛

Download this here:

Twilight Knight

I’ll revamp this. I have to. But I was happy with it, so tell me what you think. Continue reading ‘Twilight Knight’

Why, Ice Kirby? WHY!

As we all know, Ice Kirby has stolen and recoloured some textures. But he just keeps doing this, and so the wholl world thinks that Epic Smash Bros .GT also steals textures. Just stop doing this Ice Kirby, okay? It gives us a bad name, and an even worse name to yourself… I’m dead serious! If I see one more stolen texture, I’ll leave Epic .GT! It just isn’t fun anymore if you keep giving us a bad name.

I know for sure a lot of other team members feel this way, just stop it Ice Kirby


he ain’t stealing TXS.

Edit bt Nuke.

Old textures, New Generation.

2 OLD textures

LOZ:OOT Dark Link


Re-post of Element Ike 5.0

tga said this to me

And M_hax, could you post your Elemental Ike again? 
Many people don't know about it, and that's too bad.
I remember fangasm when I saw it on NB.
Or you could make a new tab with PSA's. It deserves that. ^_^

so here is the re-post

Element Ike 5.0 Pac:

Ike Electric Slash(Effect) Pac:

Thought i was fooling around?Think again!

Hello again people!I was preparing a little treat for you guys.It took about 3 days and i hope you enjoy it.Music time!!!!!I made and uploaded over 300 brstms for everyone.I thought i’d share some of my favs.

1.The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny by Lemon Demon-preview

2.His World By Crush40-preview

3.His World By ZebraHead-preview

4.Face to Faith-Knight of the Wind-preview

5.Kill Bill OST-battle without honor of humanity-preview

BRSTMs are all at my mediafire.I’ve got Final Fantasy X,MegamanZx,Megaman X,Legends Of Zelda Link to the Past,and a bunch more!!


All new forums!!!!

The old forums sucked.  Seriously it did.

So me and charmeleon made a new one.

NWaA feel free to join the forums.

Anybody can join.

Members/former members, are auto moderators.

Click me for a movie!! or else... If u go to the forums then you owe yoshi MOAR POPCORN!!!

My first Model Swap!

I call em’ Foxco.



HAPPY SHOPPING.PEOPLE.I got NSMBWII and its awesome.I gonna update today or soon ‘cus i in the process of downloading alot of mp3’s.LOTS OF THEM.I’m going to convert them into BRSTM once i’m ready.


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