Because it’s safer. >=|

I’ll just make my own post. Because it’s safer. So don’t add your pics here, okay? Here goes: Continue reading ‘Because it’s safer. >=|’

Friendly update, eh?

I haven’t updated for a while, so I’ll just throw in a texture here. The guy who made this actually made it for his own personal use, but he wanted me to post it, and shouldn’t I? Anyway, here goes. Continue reading ‘Friendly update, eh?’

Filler update. =C

–Download Black Charz–

Continue reading ‘Filler update. =C’

I’m into comics.

Hit the jump. (!) Continue reading ‘I’m into comics.’

A new banner. Much better than the one we have. -.- (No offense to Nuke)

Continue reading ‘A new banner. Much better than the one we have. -.- (No offense to Nuke)’

Twilight Knight

I’ll revamp this. I have to. But I was happy with it, so tell me what you think. Continue reading ‘Twilight Knight’

THE scary texture.

–Your Dad– By TheGreenAlloy —— –Your Mom– By ThaGreenPit

The Fancy Boat finally arrives!

Read the rest of the entry for download link and FANCY pictures! You know you want to. I had this texture for a loooong time. Could not post it due to a coughdirtycough request on it. That’s fixed now. Continue reading ‘The Fancy Boat finally arrives!’

Epic Ike. And I helped ThaGreenPit with Hawaii Ness.

Read the rest of this entry for *awesome face* pics.

Continue reading ‘Epic Ike. And I helped ThaGreenPit with Hawaii Ness.’


EDIT: Okay, I need an opinion.

  • 3) Don’t work more on it, release now! 😀
  • 2) It has got potential, but needs more work.
  • 1) This sucks, delete this post.


    It’s NOT finished so no download yet. Tell me what you think. 😀

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      Yeah I’m done. I haven’t done a texture hack for months or even thought about Brawl. I’ve been trying to do hacks of Star Wars: Empire at War, but so far have been unsuccessful. When I get one, I’ll post it. Untill then, you /b/ trollin!
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