Peace Sucka’s

Yo guys I’m out. I don’t post anyways. lol. My reason for leaving is because my Wii has shit the bed. I need an $85 dollar part to fix it and my warranty is voided/expired . I think I’m just gonna sell it. I won’t be much help without a Wii so, peace outt.

I Have Made a Banner Also + Smw’s Wii Update.

Update on the Wii: I’m thirteen and need $85 to repair my Wii and money is tight with my parents currently. The disk drive broke from all those years of popping disks in like PEZ. So currently, I’m fucked. (Unless one on you wants to make a small donation? :3)

Here is the banner because that is all I’m currently able to do.


Hope you guys like it.

Uh Oh No’z Meh Wii Haz Teh Popped!

Well my Wii has been acting funny lately. First it stopped playing those games that way back in the day had those error 002 messages a few weeks ago unless I ran them via Softchip as I did with Guitar Hero 5. Today, it has taken acting funny to new levels. I simply was testing my new FitPurinMotionEtc.pac file for my Kirblypuff project to see what I still had to do. I didn’t have much left. I just had to give Jigglypuff her Final Smash, Down Taunt, Side B on The Ground, Down B, and Up B animations back because they caused him/her to T-Pose. Anyways, I selected a stage and my Wii made some, uh, terrible popping noises. It gave me the green error screen in which I’m ever so used to so I thought nothing of it. I was wrong. My Wii not only no longer reads burnt games via the Disk Channel, Gecko OS, or Softchip. It also no longer reads legitimate games via the Disk Channel, Gecko OS, or Softchip. I honestly don’t think there is much I can do at this point. It’s almost 3 years old, and has had disks and SD cards popped in and out of it like PEZ. I have never ran Brawl on a Duel Layered Disk though which is why I don’t understand why it would break. I always ran a scrubbed version on a single layered disk. Anyways, any help would be appreciated.

Conclusion. I’m pretty sure my disk drive has died and not only is my warranty over, it’s voided.

The New Guy,

New Challenger Approaching: Smw66466 (Yes I’m Aware of the Cornyness of the Title)

Smw66466 here. I’m new to the team. I just thought I’d write a short introductory and give you guys a couple textures for making you read it. Anyways, I’m Smw66466 (just call me Smw or Steve if you want). I can make character, stage, and item texture. I also have (very limited) knowledge of PSA. I can kind of do the new animation swaps with the new Brawlbox too. Well I’m glad to be accepted and am going to release two new textures for you guys. I’m pretty sure there both original too.

First, Nazi/KKK Toon Link.

Nazi/KKK LinkNazi/KKK LinkNazi/KKK LinkNazi/KKK LinkNazi/KKK Link

Also, we have Static Mario.

Static Mario 1.0Static Mario 1.0Static Mario 1.0Static Mario 1.0

Download Link for Nazi Toon Link:

Download Link for Static Mario:

OMG I GOT TEH PICS ON!!! -pats self on back and gives self cookie-

EDIT: My next project involves Kirby, Jigglypuff, Animation Swaps, PSA, and a Texture. :O
Be prepared

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