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Heres the deal

Ice Kirby agrees with the move and is now the owner of the new blog.

To start off, i have the ENTIRE website on a different URL. Here it is

heres a list of important things to handle.

  • Send invites to all team members
  • When Ice Kirby accepts, transfer ownership of the blog to him
  • edit the authors of the posts (you are probably gonna have to do your own) it shows me as the only author
  • Confirm the existence of specific people
  • Fulfill my promise and make the entire music page like my chart. dang, that’s gonna take hours…

A few other things are that i would like you guys to leave the theme the way it is. it is organized and no other hacking team is currently using it (from my knowledge) and it also looks good. if you guys want to change it, i will pull up a poll. there are also a few other things (Blogroll…) that have to be filled in, but sadly, we have to ditch one thing. the banner. If anyone else has anything to say about this, Edit the bottom of the post as usual or comment.



You know, I’m getting a little bored around here, so if you want to chat with me about something(i’ll take any questions) just go to chat, oh and to tell that i’m bored you should see about 0 to 2 comments(anything over 2 will count as me being happy, but if I don’t comment at all, then I could be somewhere, i’m not on the computer, or just looking at videos). also i’m not trying to be mean or anything about this ok. continue reading. ‘if that works.’

Alot of good news, but 1 bad (has to do with retarded limitations)

Continue reading ‘Alot of good news, but 1 bad (has to do with retarded limitations)’

All new forums!!!!

The old forums sucked.  Seriously it did.

So me and charmeleon made a new one.

NWaA feel free to join the forums.

Anybody can join.

Members/former members, are auto moderators.

Click me for a movie!! or else... If u go to the forums then you owe yoshi MOAR POPCORN!!!

A notice from SKLLedOne

I’m going to take a break from posting for a while so I can get all of my school work in before Thanksgiving break.  I’ll be back posting in about 4-5 days, so try not to miss me too much! XP

Also, I need to test out some music and stages, but, for some reason, a couple of stages other than Luigi’s Mansion, Delfino Plaza, and Mushroomy Kingdom MyMusics are messed up.  Where can I get some MyMusic reset codes for stages, or a universal reset code?

Welcome New Members!

Well, we just recruited alot of people, welcome them to the team.



Smw66466: Omg, how I change my icon thing away from the blue and white pattern? D:

pokelover980: Teehee made the team, be expecting some work from me soon. Go Epic Smash Bros. GT!

chileno4live: Well, i’m Chileno4Live. I live in the Netherlands. I’m 16 years old, i guess that’s all you need to know. Glad to be on the team guys :).

Introduce yourself by… basically editing this and typing under you name or making a new post.

There are more, but we have not added them due to not having wordpress accounts.

ALSO!!! join the forum

An Annoucement

We now have forums. XD

heres the link:

P.S Everybody on the team is a Moderator.

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