2 important notices, and then im done… for now

EDIT: ive decided that ill return in a few months with my completed project csp… and i think pinutk is the only person on the team who even knows what that is. though still read… lexx, that means you… everything i said is sorta still in effect…

First to get this out of the way, the TP1 stuff IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASED ALONE!!!! it is to be released with the rest of the package. look back at my previous posts to see the instructions of what to do with your work, icekirby, comment and tell them who to send it to. that person will organize it, and make csp’s (Characters and stages), organize the music (i suggest dantarions brstm gui, because then song titles will be easy) and that package after all of that will be sent to everyone on the team. they will then have a few days to make videos (not upload them yet, and if yah do, make em private) and pictures (again, same concept, no hype is required) and then you all will release the package. then you guys will edit the original post to contain all of the photos and videos (along with a list of what is included in the package and where it is, in case of separation due to pal users)

and second of all, this is toward lexx, and was going to be post on ESH, though it wont post there, so just pretend it was. yes, i am quitting, and that will be handled tomorrow, i am also quitting Galaxia darkness. and i will still visit here (and Gd, and smashboards…. i still like playing with hacks :p)

Even though you all are happy now, im still done with hacking. heres the reason why.
What Happened

If you look at that chart, we had a “Sudden” increase in views today. about 1200 more than usual. those 1200 people watched that video (which i still haven’t seen yet since you blocked it) and came to our teams website. what did they see while they were there? they saw a long list of people to hate on the left. this morning when there was a few comments, a lot of them were stated toward the team. and it kinda hurt seeing that before i went to championships (band related).

Even if all of those people don’t hate us, at least 600 do, and all because of that video. now lets stack that on top of the people that already disliked us… A HECK OF ALOT.

Buts thats not it, not at all. again, didn’t watch it, though i am 1000% sure that you insulted icekirby. that means that you insulted one of my leaders in front at least 2000 viewers. icekirby is already disliked, along with anyone associated with him, and it was already bad enough, though i don’t think he will be able to show his face on smash boards after this, or at least without getting a “GTFO, we don’t like you”.

Next is pinutk. one of the first few people i met when i began brawl hacking. he miraculously found my website and liked one of my hacks. he is probably the person who i respect the most, just because he was the first person to find me (other than catgowolf). but what could people think of him now? “He’s on icekirbys team, he sucks”. and even though that seems unlikely, its inevitable. i got crap for being on the team before this, now what should i expect?

and this is one of the last things, you didn’t group me with “the other team members” unfairly you asshole, i joined the team, and grouped myself with them, knowing that i would be with people that actually liked my crap work.

And with that being said, lets look back at previous comments on this post alone. there’s a list insulting one of my friends. that should say it all, but in case you don’t get it, you caused it.

Ending statement: People think that my friends suck, and are complete noobs because of what you did. nothing can change that opinion. when was the last time icekirby flamed/trolled on smashboards? from what i have seen, a long time ago. people still reference to him as the “Local troll/flamer” and ive only seen once where it has actually been related to icekirby.

That is why i am done with hacking. if i continue hacking in the future, i will do it as a solo hacker, the same way i began.

Just be happy guys, i only typed this one section and it was directed toward lexx, if i took the time to do this for all of the people that i would like to tell something like this to, it would fill up about 9 computer monitors. the only way i wont quit is if you can completely prove all of which i just said inaccurate, which everyone knows is impossible. heck, to be honest, most people don’t care if i quit.


15 Responses to “2 important notices, and then im done… for now”

  1. 1 Ice Kirby November 15, 2009 at 1:04 am

    Damn,You’re one of my bestest friends i ever met with when i joined GD.
    I can’t believe you’re leaving like this. 😦
    I never told u this before but, you’re the best CSP making member on our team.
    I hope u will be able to visit sometime. i’ll miss u man.
    *Gives Nerdwithanafro Cookies*

  2. 5 TheGreenAlloy November 15, 2009 at 1:09 am

    “First to get this out of the way, the TP1 stuff IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE RELEASED ALONE!!!!”
    Not directed towards me, right? Cause my stuff was Sonic, not SA2B.

    You’re really good in CSP’ing as Ice Kirby said.
    I also hope you’ll visit often!
    It sucks that our reputation is crushed.
    I’m trying to fix that, along with IK, SKLLedOne, and ZeroLucia.
    Thanks for everything!
    You’ll be missed.

    –Texture In Peace, NerdWithAnAfro–

  3. 6 JC-Gamer November 15, 2009 at 1:39 am

    @ nerdwithanafro

    Not all of those 1200 people hate your team and everyone on it. Hell, less than a tenth of those people probably hate you guys.

    I can tell you that I don’t hate you guys. I just don’t like your team as it currently is because the textures aren’t the greatest and you guys have too many posts that aren’t texture related at all. In fact, you probably have more non-texture related posts than any other team! (even ESH which is saying something)

    Texture teams take time to develop so please, continue hacking and help Epic Smash Bros.GT grow to be a great and well-received team instead of quitting and letting them fall to ruin like so many other teams did when someone from their team quit (Fit Artifex, Dairantou Glitchforce,Smash Domain, Smasher’s Inc., to name a few).


    • 7 NerdWithAnAfro November 15, 2009 at 1:59 am

      i am 100% sure that this blog will not fall because i left. these guys i have known for a short while, but there potential is limitless. the only problem i see them having is the with team projects, which i made sure they knew how to finish in this post.

      Well… thinking about it, because band is now over, and i have alot of time due to the fact that i just quit 2 teams, i will just take an “Extended break” and i will mark my return… maybe early next year with the finished product of Project CSP. but for now, i am just going to remove myself from both teams, and join back on them later (just realized that plasma hasnt noticed yet…) still, gonna edit this post and remove myself from both teams.

  4. 8 nuclear432 November 15, 2009 at 4:36 am

    Me too!!I’m working on epic smashes portraits.(CSP’s,SSP’s,BP’s,so on)Its just i’m not finished.

  5. 11 nerdwithanafro November 15, 2009 at 4:54 pm

    Icekirby… TELL EM WHO TO SEND THE FILES TO!!!! RAWR!!! (Anger sarcasm, but seriousness, you get the point)

  6. 12 Ice Kirby November 15, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    send the files to me. right?

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