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Because in a preview i messed up the images

when i was editing the, new project: SC_title,  post, i preview it and i see the images messed up, i follow the NWaA´s council, take pics on brawlbox here are the pics i wil give. Continue reading ‘Because in a preview i messed up the images’

Sonic WTF!

This is a Sonic WTF BOOM video i created, it´s called: what happens when sonic comes crashing to earth?.

EDIT: for not make another post, i will update in  this or next week, because my wii is broken,  and i couldn´t play Metroid Prime Trilogy so i play it in a friend´s house

All new forums!!!!

The old forums sucked.  Seriously it did.

So me and charmeleon made a new one.

NWaA feel free to join the forums.

Anybody can join.

Members/former members, are auto moderators.

Click me for a movie!! or else... If u go to the forums then you owe yoshi MOAR POPCORN!!!

Metroid update

phazon suit samus, i see it in a video of youtube, the ending of metroid prime and i made the texture, it also have csp! here are some pics

i will not update in a while because i get Metroid Prime Trilogy, and i want to play it, i will  make some new textures when i fimish metroid prime(only one of the three games). down of this is the download for Phazon Suit Samus

..::Master Hax::..

target test is DYING!

i cant take pictures on the target smash because of it i take pictures with my camera, and sorry for no update i have this textures like 1 week ago but my computer stop working, here are the pics.

death level

death level

death level

death level

death level

i included a song, is mephies theme

Download the death levels pack here

Post Custom Stages here to!

I made a “custom stages” page for u to post your stages there.
Make sure when u post one, add a pic. XD

An Annoucement

We now have forums. XD

heres the link:

P.S Everybody on the team is a Moderator.

All my stuff

Hello im the new member of ice kirby blog Master Hax now i will present all my textures and psa

First all my textures

Invisible colored pictochat


Matrix Kirby


Cross Knight,pkoawesome,aqua yoshi,tabuu dataflow sanctuary

Cross Knight

pkoawesome (requested by pkoawesome)

aqua yoshi-NOTE: the game frezees if you use the final smash,

tabuu dataflow santuary

Black Alloy (fail)


The Death Land


Cross Knight Ship


Windows Xp and Black And Red Ike

Black And Red Ike:

Windows XP:

Emerald Sanctuary, Master Knight, Ice Suit Samus, Ice Zero Suit Samus, Tabuu Kirby and Super silver


Emerald Santuary:

Master Knight:

Ice Suit Samus and Ice Zero Suit Samus (with csp´s for use with smashbox ) all in one in a zip file

Tabuu Kirby:

Super Silver

And second my psa

Element Ike 5.0

Element Ike 5.0

Ike Electric Slash(Effect)

Element Ike 4.0

Element Ike v3.0

Element Ike 2.0

Element ike v1.5

on 3:20  of the video is the update

Element Ike[original version]

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